Silica Fume - White

Silica Fume - White

  • $10500

White Silica Fume D1000 improves the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete.

The most important property is the permeability, Lower the ingress of movement of water or chemicals; lower the adverse reactions such as sulfate attack,
The reaction between silica fume and the calcium hydroxide, released as the cement hydrates, provides a dense impermeable pore structure.


Improve the mechanical performances of concrete.

The Silica fume reacts with the cement paste to form additional strong Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) providing higher strength.
Silica fume reduces bleeding and enhances the cement paste bond to the aggregates. Thanks to its pozzolanic effect (reaction with Ca(OH)2 ), and therefore to the strength improvement.

Recommended Dosage:  Replace 5% to 10% of your Portland Cement

Advantages of Using Silica Fume 

  • High early compressive strength
  • High tensile, flexural strength, and modulus of elasticity 
  • Very low permeability to chloride and water intrusion
  • Enhanced durability
  • Increased toughness
  • Increased abrasion resistance on decks, floors, overlays and marine structures

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