PVA Fibers RECS15

PVA Fibers RECS15

  • $32700

PVA Fibers RECS15 (polyvinyl alcohol) are high-performance reinforcement fibers for concrete and mortar.


PVA fibers are well-suited for a wide variety of applications because of their superior crack-fighting properties, high modulus of elasticity, excellent tensile and molecular bond strength, and high resistance to alkali, UV, chemicals, fatigue, and abrasion. PVA fibers develop a molecular and chemical bond with the cement during hydration and curing.

Due to the fine nature of these fibers, and the fact that they disperse into monofilament fibers, they are less likely to be visible in finished surfaces. How visible they are in relation to each other is in direct proportion to their various diameters (7 is least visible, 100 is most visible). Equally true, the smaller the fiber, the more fibers there are for any given unit of measure, the more likely they are to choke mixes at higher dosage rates. Therefore, the PVA100 are dosed at higher rates in the more flowable mixes than are the PVA15.

PVA 100's are favored for their ease of workability compared to the 15's. These are the most visible of the PVA fibers in finished surfaces due to their length. Ideal for use in flowable (SCC) ECC concrete mixes. PVA fibers can be used as a primary or secondary means of reinforcing artisan concrete objects, including concrete countertops, architectural concrete elements, concrete furniture, and many other applications.

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