NanoSeal - Qt

NanoSeal - Qt

  • $8000

Nano Seal Qt - Matte or Gloss

Freezing weather has arrived. We will ship sealers separately via Express with heat packs when needed. To account for the extra costs, we have increased the sealer price by $10.


Single Component and easy to apply with high abrasion resistance.It is available in gloss or matte. Trinic NanoSeal can be used on polished concrete, tile, marble, granite, brick pavers, concrete countertops, overlays, and many other surfaces.

    • As a topcoat for polished concrete floors, provides excellent stain protection including resistance to acids.
    • As a topcoat for acrylic sealers, provides an abrasion resistant topcoat.
    • As a topcoat for concrete tile, excellent stain and blush resistance.

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