Cinder (dark black) Integral - 5lb

Cinder (dark black) Integral - 5lb

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Trinic Cinder Integral Colour 

Available in 5 lb increments. 
Concrete Color: How to achieve deep black Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

• Start with white cement: It may seem counterproductive to make a dark color with white cement but most grey cements are not a true gray, they can introduce shades of green which can be hard to overcome. Grey cement also tends to have higher alkali content then white cement which can lead to efflorescence, especially in unsealed pieces used outdoors such as building facades.

• Use Trinic white silica fume: Replacing 10% of your cement with Trinic’s white Silica fume will help bind the color and prevent efflorescence. Silica fume increases the density of the concrete while using up the free lime (which causes efflorescence). Silica fume also prevent ASR when coal slag (amorphous silica) is used as an aggregate.

Mix design for deep black Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete:

Cementitious portion, 50% of the mix by weight:
• 90% White Portland
• 10% White Silica Fume

Aggregate Portion, 50% of the mix by weight:
• Black Beauty Blasting Coal Slag – medium size

• Trinic GFRC Admix 3% to 4% of Cementitious
• Trinic Plasticizer up to 0.75% of Cementitious for SCC consistency

H20 – The lower the water to cement ratio, the deeper the black will be.
• 0.24 (possible with SCC) to 0.30 (needed to spray)

• Trinic Cinder or Deep Black 8% of Cementitious – this is very close to the saturation point. Trinic Cinder is a UV stable blend of iron oxide and carbon black.

• The deepest color will result from an off the form finish (recommended for indoor surfaces that will be sealed).
• An acid etch finish will lose a little depth of color but it will look the same for years to come.

Sealer option:
• Trinic H-13: indoor or outdoor, good color enhancement.
• Trinic Stamp Shield: Excellent outdoor choice, fair color enhancement.
• No sealer: Recommended for outdoor projects that cannot be easily re-sealed such as building facades

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