Anti-Crack HD Fibres

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Owens Corning Anti-Crak HD Fibres - 18kg (39.6 lb) and 15 lb and 5lb

Anti-Crak®  HD (High Dispersion) is an engineered AR-glass chopped strand designed for mixing in concrete and all hydraulic mortars.  The HD works like PVA and disperses in the mix and doesn’t show in the surface. Dosed usually at 0.5% of total dry weight. HD stands for High Dispersion; each pound of fiber is comprised of over 1 million individual fibers. They are 3mm in length. Dosed at up to 0.5%, a little goes a long way.

  • High dispersion (220 million filaments per kg, 100 million per lb)
  • Excellent workability
  • Invisible on the finished surface
  • Does not corrode
  • Control and prevention of cracking in fresh concrete

Anti-Crak®  HD fibers are typically used at low addition levels to prevent cracking & improve the performance of concrete, flooring, renders or other special mortar mixes.

They incorporate easily into mixes creating a tridimensional homogeneous network of reinforcement in the matrix.

Anti-Crak®  HD fibers do not protrude through the surface and require no additional finishing procedures. The reinforcement is incorporated in the concrete mass and is invisible on the finished surface.

  • Overall enhancement of durability and mechanical properties of concrete
  • Effective at very low dosage
  • Homogeneous mix

• They are not visible when the piece is ground / polished.
• They are designed to mitigate surface and internal stresses that develop during curing or during the life of a piece.
• An un-reinforced facecoat may crack if the piece bends enough to stress it during stripping or handling, HD fiber helps alleviate the stress.
• They can function as primary reinforcement on smaller pieces that will not see a lot of bending stress.
• They are excellent when paired with bundled glass on SCC pieces such as direct cast planters or fire bowls.

How to use them:

• Add HD Fiber at the start of the batching cycle: The object is to get them to disperse into individual fiber strands during the mixing process, always add bundled fiber at the end of the batching cycle to avoid breaking them into individual filaments.
• Sprayed facecoats can be dosed at 0.2% of the dry weight of the mix without interfering with slump or “spray ability”.
• SCC facecoats can be dosed up to 0.5% of the dry weight of the mix. There may be a slight stiffening of the mix which can be offset with plasticizer as required.
• As a stand-alone reinforcement: Dose them up to 0.5% of the dry weight of the mix. This would be fine for vessel sinks, small end tables, small SCC cast vanities and other items that don’t span or get flexed a lot during stripping / delivery.
• Blended with bundles glass fiber: Our customers have been having excellent results in SCC mixes cast with no facecoat by mixing bundled glass fiber with HD fiber. Anywhere from 2% to 3% bundled glass fiber combined with 0.5% HD fiber.
• You should still use a 3% bundled glass load in the backcoat of larger items which will see some stresses such as big islands, long thin pieces, etc.

Anti-Crak pdf from Owens Corning

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